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Research & Integration


WP2: Evaluation, Integration and Standards
WP3: Visual Content Indexing
WP4: Content Description for Audio, Speech and Text
WP5: Multimodal Processing and Interaction
WP6: Machine Learning and Computation Applied to Multimedia
WP7: Dissemination towards Industry

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Meetings and Events


    • E-Team 9 Planning Meeting, CNR - TU Vienna-IFS, San Miniato, Italy, June 8 2006

    •  MUSCLE JPA3 Scientific Plenary Meeting, December 6-8 2006, Paris, France
    • E-Team 9 Progress Meeting, CNR - TU Vienna-IFS,February 12 2007, Pisa, Italy

    • E-Team 8 Exchange Visit from TU Vienna-IFS to AUTH, February 26 - March 5, 2007, Thessaloniki, Greece

    •  MUSCLE Showcase Progress Meeting, April 23-24 2007, Budapest, Hungary
    CASEWP: Content analysis and Segmentation Evaluation Web Portal
    Shaping 3-dimensional Music Environments

    • International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI 2007), June 2007,  Bordeaux, France
    Joint paper of the E-Team on "Integration of Structural and Semantic Models for Multimedia Metadata Management"
    Several (eight) MUSCLE members are involved in organization of the conference and MUSCLE is also co-sponsor of the event.

    • ACM International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval (CIVR), July 9-11 2007
    CASEWP Showcase Demo Presentation

    • E-Team 8 / Showcase Exchange Visit from AUTH-AIIA to TU Vienna-IFS, October 9-16, 2007, Vienna, Austria

    •  MUSCLE Plenary Meeting. November 29-30, Paris, France
    Evaluation Showcase presentation, e-Team Semantics from Audio presentation

    • e-Team meeting Semantics from Audio, November 30, Paris, France

    • E-Team 1 Exchange Visit from CEA-LIST to CNR-ISTI, January 14-18, 2008:
    Integration of WebContent language processing web services in e-team XML markup platform

    Dissemination Events

      • MUSCLE Showcase Presentation and Dissemination at CeBIT 2007, March 15-21 2007, Hannover, Germany
      • MUSCLE Showcase Presentation and Dissemination at IBC 2007, September 7-11 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Evaluation Campains

    • NIST-SRE 05 (NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation)
    • MIREX 06 (Music Information Retrieval Exchange)
    • TRECVID 06 (TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation)
    • CLEF 06 (Cross Language Evaluation Forum)
    • MIREX 07 (Music Information Retrieval Exchange)