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WP2: Evaluation, Integration and Standards
WP3: Visual Content Indexing
WP4: Content Description for Audio, Speech and Text
WP5: Multimodal Processing and Interaction
WP6: Machine Learning and Computation Applied to Multimedia
WP7: Dissemination towards Industry

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The principal objective of this workpackage is reflected in its subtitle "Bringing the Grand Challenges to the End Users": i.e. developing targeted research projects designed to deliver highly demonstrable results for showcasing, while facilitating the creation of multi-team showcases which show proof-of-concept with regard to major challenges in content indexation and audio-visual search.  WP7 will be therefore relying on clear research activites that will generate results and demonstrations to fuel the dissemination and showcasing activities. As such the principal objective of WP7 is twofold:

·         Research Integration: by actively pooling software resources and by integrating research results, WP7 will establish (or reinforce) durable integration between different groups and research communities within the consortium, thus ensuring continuation of the collaboration beyond the Network's lifetime. To this end WP7 will provide a framework for the development of small internal reseach projects, the results of which will be destined essentially to showcasing activites.

·         Dissemination: The above-mentioned showcases offer opportunities to intensify the Network's knowledge transfer and forge new research partnerships in preparation of the upcoming 7th Framework which need to be pursued. In particular, the showcases should be used to attract more substantial involvement from commercial and industrial partners;  

To avoid misunderstanding, it should be stressed that actual integration mainly will be done by the research teams themselves. Yet, within this WP, task 1 is dedicated to the implementation of showcasing project involving substantial research effort. Altogether, this WP will identify opportunities, launch showcasing research activities, and facilitate their integration and dissemination.  Clearly, there will be close collaboration with the coordinator, the WP-leaders and the Steering Committee.