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CHORUS Event on National Initiatives with the Support of the European Commission

10th October 2007, Geneva

This workshop is being organised in cooperation with the European Commission.  The event will bring together the technical, administrative and financial representatives of the various national intitiatives, which have been established recently in several European countries to support research and technical development in the area of audio-visual content processing, indexing and searching for the next generation Internet using semantic technologies, and which may lead to an internet-based knowledge infrastructure.

The objective of this workshop is to provide a platform for mutual information and exchange between these initiatives, the European Commission and the participants from Quaero, Theseus, iAD, MultimediaN, IM2 and Mundo AV.
Top speakers will be present from each of these national initiatives. There will be time for discussions with the audience and questions and answers amongst the European National Initiatives. The challenges, commonalities, difficulties, targeted/expected impact, success criteria, etc. will be tackled.  This workshop will explore how these national initiatives could link to the work of the ten newly launched collaborative EU research projects on audiovisual search technologies so as to work together and benefit from each other.

The workshop will be helpful to anybody being associated with this considerable EU-wide R&D effort or seeking first-hand in sight on the national initiatives on multimedia content modelling description and retrieval.

The one-day CHORUS event on National Initiatives will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on 10th of October 2007.  The meeting will be held at the headquarters of the  European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

To register please visit the CHORUS project website: