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Industrial Contacts and Publicity

By organizing and attending several conferences, workshops, fairs, competitions MUSCLE-NoE dispersed its results besides academic society to industry and public. This web-page gives information about the newspaper articles about MUSCLE showcases, and industrial contacts resulting from the presentations in the participated fairs and other dissemination activities.

  • During CEBIT Eurasia'07 reporters from the web site "BilgiCagi" made an interview with Kivanc Kose about the "Real-Time Fire and Smoke Detection" showcase. The video of the interview can be seen here (Turkish language) .

  • The system developed within "Real-Time Fire and Smoke Detection" showcase is installed to several watch towers at the forests of Turkey. The system is now is use, as a forest fire watching and alarming system. The future plan is to install this system to all the watching towers of Turkey.

    • Dutch National Police asked about further possibilities to discriminate tattoos and other special properties of suspects (IBC)

    • American eSports Association wants to classify videos of online games automatically in the next years  (IBC)

  • Following CeBIT, TU Vienna-IFS started to define a project about a personalized radio service over the Internet with the company Deltasolutions from Amsterdam.

  • At IBC 2007, the CEO of Deltasolutions visited MUSCLE stand and talked about proceeding the PlaySOM project, however, the kick-off of the project could not be scheduled before 2008.

  •, which is an audio post-production and sound design company from The Netherlands, spotted the MUSCLE stand at CeBIT 2007 and requested for categorizing their music and audio database.

  • A report about the MUSCLE projects at CeBIT was featured in Ukranian TV. Online news report: TU Wien News: TU Wien bei CeBIT .

  • Representatives of EETimes web-site visited MUSCLE stand at IBC and interested in the "Real-Time Fire and Smoke detection" showcase. They proposed the researchers of the showcase to write an articleto the weekly newletter of the wesite. The date of issue is not certain, but as soon as the article issued, it will also be publicized from this web-page.

  • "Real-time Fire and Smoke Detection" showcase is invited by "General Directorate of Forestry" of Turkey to their seminar on Information and Communation Technologies Seminar at Antalya. Researshers from Bilkent University gave a talk about automated detection of forest fires. More information about the seminar and presentation can be found at the respective links.