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WP2: Evaluation, Integration and Standards
WP3: Visual Content Indexing
WP4: Content Description for Audio, Speech and Text
WP5: Multimodal Processing and Interaction
WP6: Machine Learning and Computation Applied to Multimedia
WP7: Dissemination towards Industry

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The Mobility grant scheme has been suspended in JPA4

To facilitate collaboration within the Network, MUSCLE has earmarked part of its budget to stimulate mobility through its mobility grants. These grants are meant to cover the expenses of MUSCLE researchers visiting other MUSCLE labs with the explicit intention of initiating or reinforcing scientific collaboration.

The amount of the grants typically ranges between 800 and 1200 Euros and will cover the costs of travel and accommodation. The duration of these visits is expected to vary between several days (for senior researchers) up to several weeks (for junior researchers). While junior reserachers (PhD students and postdocs) in MUSCLE labs are eligible for funding, the request has to be made by senior registered MUSCLE members.

Funding decisions are taken by the Steering Committee based on the information supplied in the webform. 

Beneficiaries of these grants are obliged to submit a short "follow-up" report (half a page).