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WP2: Evaluation, Integration and Standards
WP3: Visual Content Indexing
WP4: Content Description for Audio, Speech and Text
WP5: Multimodal Processing and Interaction
WP6: Machine Learning and Computation Applied to Multimedia
WP7: Dissemination towards Industry

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Person detection, recognition and tracking

Contact person: Montse Pardas

  • This e-team is relevant to WP5 (Single modality processing) and WP11 (Integration and Grand Challenges: Detecting and interpreting humans and human behaviour in videos). The objective is to increase collaboration between groups working on the following tasks:
      • Body detection. Using for instance background learning techniques in both single and multi-camera environments. Persons will be identified by means of classification techniques. Body tracking. By means of models (e.g., templates, 3D models, classifiers) and appropriate motion prediction.
      • Body analysis. Body models are being used for analysis, which can range from simple to complex models, depending on the applications. In particular, hierarchical models which can adapt to different situations are being developed. Body tracking can also be refined using the body model information. The gesture and posture analysis is based on the body model extracted. Face detection and Face recognition in images and videos.


  • Background learning, body model, tracking, face detection, face recognition.

Additonal info: E-Team's webpage