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Dynamic Texture Analysis and Detection in Video

Contact person: Enis Cetin

  • Researchers extensively studied 2-D textures and related problems in the field of image processing. On the other hand, there is very little research on three-dimensional (3-D) texture detection in video. Trees, fire, smoke, fog, sea, waves, sky, and shadows are examples of time-varying 3-D textures in video. It is well known that tree leaves in the wind, moving clouds etc. cause major problems in outdoor video motion detection systems. If one can initially identify bushes, trees, and clouds in a video, then such regions can be excluded from the search space or proper care can be taken in such regions, and this leads to robust moving object detection and identification systems in outdoor video. Other practical applications include early fire detection in tunnels, large rooms, atriums and forests; wave-height detection, automatic fog alarm signaling in intelligent highways and tunnels. One can take advantage of the research in 2-D textures to model the spatial behaviour of a given 3-D texture. Additional research has to be carried out to model the temporal variation in a 3-D texture. For example, a 1960?s mechanical engineering paper claims that flames flicker with a frequency of 10 Hz. However, we experimentally observed that flame flicker process is not a narrow-band activity but it is wide-band activity covering 2 to 15 Hz. Zero-crossings of wavelet coefficients covering the band of 2 to 15 Hz is an effective feature and Hidden Markov Models (HMM) can be trained to detect temporal characteristics of fire using the wavelet domain data. Similarly, temporal behaviour of tree leaves in the wind or cloud motions should be investigated to achieve robust video understanding systems including content based video retrieval systems.
  • We haven't finalized the web-page of this E-team but in the meantime you can contact Enis Cetin for more info.


  • Three-dimensional textures in video, fire, smoke, clouds, trees, sky, sea and ocean waves

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