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3rd European Conference on Visual Media Production

29/11/2006  Savoy Place, London, UK

CVMP 2006 is the third in a series of events bringing together practitioners in media production from film, broadcast and games with researchers in imaging and graphics. CVMP provides a European forum for discussion of the latest research advances and state-of-the-art industry practice in content production and post-production. Visual media production commonly makes use of developments that are at the convergence of image and video analysis with computer graphics. Image analysis has widespread application in visual media production including editing, annotation and special effects. New techniques in visual scene analysis are now commonplace in media production to combine synthetic and real elements. Emerging new delivery platforms, like e-cinema, high-resolution displays for the home and interactive media are asking for new approaches. The aim of the conference is to show how these techniques are used in current media production and to discuss their future influence on common practice. More information

List of MUSCLE participants


Stentiford, Fred

Activity: Talk entitled " Comparison of near-duplicate image matching"